Back to College in Style

By KLAFFStyle Editorial Staff

Dorm Room Lighting and Cooling from Sleek Urban to Retro

Send your college student back to the dorm with task lighting to help them study in both style and safety. Following are some cool portable desk and wall lamp options that satisfy the eye in more ways than one. And after graduation they’ll look just as great in a first apartment!

LED Options in Award-winning Designs from Koncept Lighting


The Z-Bar desk lamp design represents the height of both simplicity and functionality – and a real departure from traditional bulb-and-shade lighting. Your student can choose from an array of exciting colors. On the desk or night table, the Z-Bar’s three slim bars easily adjust to where light is needed. It can be bent this way or that and the LED strip swivels for precise illumination. It features an intuitive on/off function and a dimming option.

The Gravy Wall Sconce

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For lighting where you want it, the Gravy Wall Sconce is the thing. Talk about fun! The Gravy comes in 15 color/finish combinations. An environmentally friendly option, they use water-based paint on colored surfaces and the LEDs are mercury-free. Swivel the Gravy to put the light where you want it. It dims with a touch. These sleek wall lights mount easily almost anywhere. The Gravy comes in a wired version for home use, but the plug-in model makes it perfectly adoptable for the dorm.

A Retro Gem from Nuevo Living

Nuevo Living is a Canadian manufacturer of modern home furnishings – including sleek table lighting. For the college student’s desk, we’ve selected its Dani model – a bulb-and-shade lamp that offers a contemporary take on a retro design. The 17-inch version is the perfect scale for shared spaces.

From Fanimation: A Cool Solution to Individual Comfort. Literally!

Temperature control in a dorm room can be a tug of war. What’s just right for one student may feel like the sub-tropics to another. Enter the UrbanJet personal fan from Fanimation, a must-have for helping students keep their cool regardless of the season. Its distinctive design is reminiscent of 1950’s and 1960’s muscle cars but with 21st Century technology. Choose from an array of colors with evocative names like Spicy Red, Sonic Silver, Baby Blue, Mysterious Black, Milky Ivory and Rose Gold.

Come to KLAFFS now to get the best selection and put some pizzazz into your student’s college quarters. Some styles are subject to the KLAFFS Summer Sale through August 26th.

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