BainUltra’s New Opalia™ Line Previews at KLAFFS Bath Trends Expo

By BainUltra, Exclusive to KLAFFS

Oval Therapeutic Tubs Incorporate Graceful, Elliptical lines

Think your kitchen is the heart of your home? Step back! Consider BainUltra’s point of view. The global leader in baths that provide a spa experience believes that the bath is the most important room in our homes – where we are alone and have the solitude that allows us to reconnect with our best selves.

In fact, BainUltra’s innovation team models this concept prolifically. So far in 2017, the Canadian-based company is launching two new lines that combine unique design and technology to create a state-of-the-art spa experience. For this article, we’ll focus on the line that BainUltra exhibited exclusively at KLAFFS first Bath Trends Expo, held at its flagship Norwalk showroom on Wednesday, June 14th – International Bath Day.

BainUltra express-shipped one of five models in its new Opalia™ line of oval therapeutic baths, which it will preview for KLAFFS designer, architect and builder community and members of the KLAFFS Insiders group participating in the Expo. Opalia baths are designed to celebrate the elegance, grace and symbolism of elliptical shapes.

Opalia is available in five distinctive and intriguing models – made so by the position of the inner shell. The oval inner shell can be centered, off-centered, or oblique from the center, creating an interplay of ellipses unique to each configuration. Made exclusively of acrylic, these bathtubs offer unparalleled quality and are available in glossy or UltraVelour matte finishes that are made to last.

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Multiple Benefits – Beyond Cleanliness

Opalia is available with BainUltra’s bath therapies. BainUltra describes them in their product information:

  • In the ThermoMasseur® category, Opalia™ offers all the therapeutic benefits of Hydro-thermo massage®, which relaxes body and mind, relieves back pain, stimulates blood flow, and eliminates toxins.
  • Geysair® technology further enhances the benefits of Hydro-thermo massage while providing a feeling of uniform heat, to improve lymphatic drainage, and maintain water temperature for a longer period.
  • Opalia is also available in the ThermaSens® category featuring aromatherapy (AromaCloud®), chromatherapy, and Thermotherapy® (WarmTouchShell®). Harmoniously integrated, the AromaCloud® diffuses a mist of essential oils offering a host of therapeutic benefits.

KLAFFS is proud to have BainUltra as a brand partner and is delighted that its participation in the Bath Trends Expo is providing the area’s professional community with a first glimpse of its latest line – a magnificent marriage of bath design and technology. KLAFFStyle readers are getting a sneak peak in the photo illustrations here and can see and touch the real item in the Norwalk showroom after June 14th.

Keep an eye on KLAFFStyle for the unveiling of BainUltra’s fascinating Monarch™ line – coming soon.

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