Sleek and Stunning Contemporary Kitchen – Wilton, CT

By KLAFFStyle Editorial Staff

KLAFFStyle sat down with the well-known and respected architect George Dumitru during a kitchen photo shoot at a stunning contemporary home in Wilton, Connecticut, that he recently completed after a 16-month process.

We discussed the overall project to create the approximately 5000-square-foot home, where indoors and outdoors meet harmoniously:

“The client wanted a modern house in this area. After looking at a number of available properties, we found this beautiful wooded and visually secluded location where there were many opportunities. We took down an old structure, cleared a site for the new house and changed the access. The woods meet the manicured lawn while maintaining a true sense of place.

“The house is completely custom. It has wide expanses of glass. In a climate with harsh winters, you have to come to a compromise in this regard. What makes sense for the client? Of course, everything is built to the latest energy conservation standards. The exterior slats we added, although widely spaced, are specifically angled to provide a surprising level of privacy.”

What about the all-white kitchen?

“We made the kitchen very clean and open. To me, there’s nothing cleaner than white. I talked with Nick Geragi at KLAFFS to help design and realize the room. I’ve worked with Nick before and know he and KLAFFS do a very good job on modern cabinetry.”

What is George’s process for kitchen design?

“As in all successful design, it’s about what works for the client’s lifestyle. In general, what do we want it to do? Do we want an island? Do we want to be able to sit at the island or not? If so, how many people? It’s a process. After you have the basics, then you make all the other choices – countertop, backsplash, lighting.

“There’s no magic formula or rule of thumb for how a kitchen should function. Every client is different so every kitchen is different. Are there kids, or no kids? Do they cook, or not cook? The answers to these questions influences the choices we make in design.”

And how about working with architecture and design professionals? How do you get the most out of the relationship?

“Hire people you trust based on their knowledge, experience and references. Then trust them to do their job. Everything will go much more smoothly that way. You may get ideas from pictures, but that doesn’t mean what you see will work for your situation.

“A true professional will help you get to the place where you’ll love the design choices that work best.”

Does Dumitru Studios have a signature style?

“If there’s any hallmark to what we do, it’s that every project is designed to address and reflect the client’s needs and lifestyle.”

George Dumitru, Architect
Studio Dumitru Architects
Westport, CT

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Ovation Segue – Como, door style – Metallic Acrylic, cabinet finish – Designed for Hidden Electrical Outlets and Built-in LED Strip Task Lighting

Julien – Kitchen Sink and Small Sink – Urban Edge
Blanco – Faucet, Large Sink — Culina
Faucet, Small Sink – Meridian

Wolf – Rangetop, 36”
Miele – Island Vent Hood, 36”
Refrigerator, 36” with custom panel
Freezer, 30” with custom panel
Dishwasher, 24” with custom panel
Convection Oven, 30”
Speed Oven, 24”
Coffee Station, 24”
Electrolux – Wine Cooler

WAC – Recessed Lighting
Louis Paulsen – Pendant Lights


Countertop – Coastal Gray Penteal Quartz
Island Countertop – White Maccaubus Quartzite


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