Small Space, Big Style:
How Caroline Kopp Creates a Bath Sanctuary

By Elizabeth Ethridge McGann, Exclusive to KLAFFStyle
Photography Courtesy of Rikki Snyder

Classical Design Meets Modern Style

Westport-based interior designer Caroline Kopp, known for her clean design aesthetic and fresh approach to each project, draws her inspiration from the best of classic and modern styles. She’s a mix-master of color and texture. With her classical design background, and from working with such icons as Thomas O’Brien, Caroline skillfully understands the art of scale and proportion. This education is apparent in her flawless designs and impeccable eye… even a simple dress, has to be cut just right.

Caroline Kopp is accomplished at creating the “bones-of-a-space” without the need for added embellishment. She takes her cues from the classical bones of a structure, injects her touches of new and classic materials, adds a modern sense of style, and a fresh color palette resulting in a seamless, effortless effect.

As a full-service design firm, Caroline Kopp Interior Design is equipped to handle the renovation of an entire home, but if pressed to pick a favorite room in the house, Kopp would have to choose the bathroom.

The Bathroom as “Intimate Sanctuary”

As a working mother with young children, Caroline holds a high priority on the design of the bath — the ultimate retreat and sanctuary — as moms can attest. Typically smaller than most rooms, the bath requires added creativity and expertise. Whether the goal is to invigorate a chic powder room or bring calm and serenity to a master bath… the bathroom offers Kopp a compelling canvas to create a specific environment.

When creating an intimate sanctuary space for a client, it’s important to know what the style and goals should be. How do you want to feel in this space, what should it say when you walk in? With that information in mind, Caroline creates the ultimate bath design.

Caroline Kopp
Kopp Interior Design
Westport, CT 06880
(917) 797-9756

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Edgy Style & Open Space

For an artsy client in Scarsdale, the powder room had to be cool and stylish. Kopp used a vibrant tile to create a fun signature element. To make the room feel edgy, she used a floating vanity that feels sculptural, while also giving a sense of open space that works well in this tiny room. Adding to the art vibe, modern vases along the mirror ledge complete this ultra-cool jewel box space.

Capitalizing on Epic Views

Awkward layouts can sometimes be an issue with bathrooms but with a professional eye, unusual layouts can make for exciting and unique possibilities. That was the case with this master bath in a luxury hi-rise in White Plains.

The diagonal corner with floor to ceiling windows felt awkward to the client but Kopp transformed it into a striking vignette by placing an inviting freestanding tub in front of the windows, while a “bubble” chandelier heightens the view and open sky. To further capitalize on the epic views, Kopp installed a large mirror and continued the stone floors from the bath and vanity area into the shower, adding to the expansive sense of space. This master bath is at once playful, chic and completely calming and inviting.

Creating a Sense of Space

Expert space planning is critical for a successful bathroom design, and that is especially true when dealing with a smaller bathroom. For a family in Manhattan with the typically cramped New York City bathroom, Caroline Kopp was tasked with creating a room with lots of storage that still looked beautiful, fresh and open.

To achieve this goal Kopp installed a clear glass shower wall instead of a shower curtain for an added sense of space. The white marble floors continue into the bath giving the illusion of a larger area, while the light color of the tiles and their small scale and glittery shine, make for a bright and clean look. The high wainscoting works with the floor tiles to further brighten and enlarge the room, while soft blue walls, art and flowers (even in the shower) make this feel welcoming and beautiful. Although there is counter space for double sinks, Kopp moved the sink to one side creating a larger “get ready” area. This also allows for fresh cut flowers and vases that make all the difference in bringing life, color and beauty into the small room.

The bathroom as sanctuary concept was the vision of a single mother who asked Caroline Kopp to design a feminine oasis for her. Every detail here is designed to add beauty — from the perfect cabinet hardware to the enchanting cut marble mosaic in the shower. This is a space that is about pampering and feeling beautiful. No wonder it is the client’s favorite room in her house.

Caroline Kopp
Kopp Interior Design
Westport, CT 06880
(917) 797-9756

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