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Today we launch our KLAFFS Cooking and Recipe Exchange. Each month we will deliver delicious full-menu recipes, complete with wine and spirits pairing recommendations from beverage partner – BevMax. This is a free membership community that you can enjoy with a simple click.

The source of these inspired menus and recipes is our exclusive cookbook, “Something’s Cooking at KLAFFS,” so inspiring, in fact….it is now in The Library of Congress. Here’s the story:

Over the past couple of decades, KLAFFS has had the honor to have partnered with a number of world-class, world-renowned chefs…who, at one time or another, have graced the top restaurant kitchens along the Gold Coast. With these culinary creatives, KLAFFS has hosted: cooking classes, latest kitchen technology demonstrations, charitable and educational events, holiday receptions and milestone celebrations.

Around 2005, KLAFFS CEO Joe Passero got an inspiration: Create a cookbook that could be sold to raise funds for non-profit organizations in KLAFFS communities. He turned to his marketing team Linda Ossenfort (who joined KLAFFS in 1989) and the late Jim Schanck, whose agency headed advertising and communications for many years.

Linda was tapped to develop a concept and to make it a reality.

“I had no idea how to do a cookbook,” said Ossenfort, who admits that she does not cook. “But I’ve always had a ‘can do’ attitude and jumped into the project. I was an art major at UMass Amherst and figured that I could bring an aesthetic eye and a unique viewpoint to the task.”

“I wanted it to be a real book, not a local community recipe book,” said Ossenfort. “I spent a few months researching cookbooks to find something missing on bookstore shelves. One day I realized that I hadn’t seen anything that offered entire meal, full-menu recipes.”

With this big idea in mind, she decided to name the book after the store’s Saturday morning cooking series, “Something’s Cooking at KLAFFS.” She approached the area’s top chefs for menu recipes from appetizers through desserts and wine pairings…and built a chapter around each chef, restaurant and menu – 32 in all.

Ossenfort engaged local photographer Kit Noble to shoot the completed recipes, as well as the chefs in their surroundings. Noble created stunning images that do their subjects proud.

Sarah and Bernard Bouissou of Bernard’s

“After the photoshoots, photographer Noble had the pleasure of tasting almost every single recipe and you can see his love of good food in the images he captured,” said Ossenfort. “He enthusiastically attested that the recipes yield delicious results and are well-worth trying.”

After publication, Linda applied to have Something’s Cooking at KLAFFS included in the Library of Congress. It was accepted, an honor that speaks to the book’s quality and timelessness.

Each month, KLAFFS Cooking and Recipe Exchange members will receive a chapter from What’s Cooking at KLAFFS complete with Noble’s beautiful images. Wine and spirits retailer BevMax has partnered with us to update the original wine pairings. One of BevMax’s extraordinary sommeliers and certified wine specialist, Michael “Ty the Wine Guy” Taiani, will bring his expertise to the KLAFFS Cooking and Recipe Exchange food and beverage pairings.

In some cases, his pairing recommendations go beyond wine to include spirits or beer. For each recipe, there will be more than one option at different prices. You can even purchase your selection by clicking on it, which will take you to its page on the BevMax e-commerce site. This option may be more practical for quantity purchases. You may also call the BevMax location nearest you, check availability and ask them to hold your selections for pick-up

Some of the restaurants in What’s Cooking at KLAFFS have passed into local culinary history…many are still going strong. We’ll start with these. Whether our monthly cookbook chapter inspires you to make a reservation or has you creating in the kitchen, we hope they bring you many happy hours of enjoyment with your family and friends.

Join the KLAFFS Cooking and Recipe Exchange right now!

Linda Ossenfort
KLAFFS Marketing, Corporate & Public Affairs Manager

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