MADELI USA | Beauty and Smart Functionality Top 2017’s Bath Furniture Trends

By Madeli USA, Exclusive to KLAFFS

With the ever-growing trend towards restful, spa-like bathroom designs, more homeowners than ever are looking for the beauty of sleek and stylish furniture designs—and placing increased emphasis on luxury features and functionality.

Who doesn’t dream of coming home to a private bathroom retreat that exudes a sense of calm and quiet serenity…an artfully appointed space that soothes the senses with Zen-style simplicity and beautiful clean lines? It’s an appealing picture, and choosing the right furniture for your space is the first step towards realizing your bathroom haven.

Metro 72″ – Photo courtesy of Madeli USA

A well designed, uncluttered bathroom radiates harmony.

To achieve a sense of serenity, it’s important to ensure that your sense of tranquility isn’t marred by a sea of appliances, cords and personal items that often find their way to bath countertops. So how do you reduce clutter?

“One of the main keys is to know your lifestyle and storage needs before you shop for furniture,” said Eric Dormoy, CEO of Madeli USA. “Look for innovative styles that not only appeal visually to your senses, but also offer you extensive storage and high-end craftsmanship that add to your overall sensory experience.”

Award-winning, European-inspired bath furniture company Madeli USA continues to see growing consumer demand for smart and innovative storage solutions and is passionately committed to the concept of seamlessly integrating trendsetting design, function and value. “Maximizing functionality is one of our key guiding principles. Today’s busy homeowners want to keep their lives simple, with daily tasks made easier and less stressful. Intuitively designed, well-crafted storage helps you maintain that feeling of uncomplicated, stress-free living,” said Dormoy.

The idea is to keep everything comfortably within reach—but off the countertops. To this end, it’s important to shop for cabinets with deep drawers and customizable storage areas to keep bath essentials tidy and behind closed doors. There should be a space for the biggest clutter offenders—hair dryers and other small appliances—while offering you easy access when necessary.

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Retro 60″ – Photo courtesy of Madeli USA

Metro 36″ – Photo courtesy of Madeli USA

It’s all in the design details

Every detail of your furniture should be well thought through to add to the experience. For example, all Madeli USA furniture includes high-end features like soft-closing motion-hardware to reduce noise and add to that sense of calm and tranquility. Pieces are designed to have a custom furniture appeal, even offering soothing, earthy color choices like Silk, Whisper Grey and Cashmere finishes.

Milano 36″ – Photo courtesy of Madeli USA

Bigger is better when possible

If you have the space, double vanities are more popular than ever, and allow couples with larger bathrooms to organize personal accessories in individualized spaces for added comfort.

Don’t have the room for a double vanity? No problem. Furniture designers are finding creative and stylish ways to add a plethora of storage opportunities to even the smallest bath furniture, like Madeli’s new 24″ Metro cabinet, which includes luxury features like hidden and extra deep drawers, customizable glass dividers and 18″ full extension hardware to maximize ease-of-use and space.

Vicenza 72″ – Photo courtesy of Madeli USA

Never sacrifice function for style

Today’s luxury bath furniture is stylish and trendy. It’s meant to make your bath feel like any other part of your house, but you should never have to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. Even with all the current focus on sleek designs, Madeli USA’s team of designers is dedicated to making sure that both modern elegance and ease-of-use are equally important. Dormoy is emphatic: “Our goal will always be to create sleek, timeless designs first—but to harmonize the relationship between beauty and function so that it’s seamless.”

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