What Makes a Bathroom an Award-Winning, Instagram Sensation?

By Elizabeth Ethridge McGann
Photography Courtesy of Neil Landino, LandinoPhoto

The Inside Story of Top Designer Cindy Rinfret’s Vision-Gone-Viral

Some design is so good that it not only snags awards but actually goes viral. That is the case with this #perfectbath by Rinfret, Ltd Interior Design & Decoration.

What is it about this room that has everyone from athome’s A-List judges Delphine Krakoff and Edward Siegel, to Instagram influencers like Ashley Stark, so smitten? Maybe it’s the burnished nickel finish of the freestanding tub, or the way that light subtly enhances the hand-painted Gracie wall covering. The answer is, “all of the above.” Yet the key factor is the design expertise it takes to pull together so many elements for a cohesive look. That’s what makes this space so special!

Cindy Rinfret, the internationally renowned, award-winning designer best known for her “Classic Greenwich Style” as illustrated in her two Rizzoli books, designed this gracious spa bathroom for an exceptionally discerning client. With a design career spanning 30 years, Rinfret is an expert at executing the myriad of details that bath design requires.

Although a “private” room, Rinfret places a high priority on bath design. In fact, the designer goes so far as to say that, “In my own home, my master bath is my favorite room in the house. The bath is where we all start our day and end our day, so it should feel like a personal sanctuary.”

Rinfret, Ltd. Interior Design & Decoration
39 Lewis Street
Greenwich, CT
(203) 622-0000

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For this spacious bathroom suite, every last detail was considered — from custom embroidered towels to crystal soap dishes. The space truly embodies luxury. It is not only gorgeous, but functional based on the client’s needs. After all, a true, personal oasis not only looks good but makes you feel good.

As with most great design, it’s the details that make the greatest impact here. Beautifully cut crystal levers on the faucets and unique hardware on the cabinets, in Lucite and matte nickel, bring jewel-like glamour to the space. Custom built cabinetry designed by Rinfret includes a feminine vanity with serpentine front. The Taj Mahal top is set into a mirrored niche, along with built-in cabinetry with hidden hampers and intricate grillwork atop restoration glass. Form meets function – beautifully.

Only the finest materials are used here and Rinfret’s dedication to quality is what sets this bathroom apart. The perfectly book-matched marble slabs centered in the shower are simply awe inspiring! They required significant effort, from the sourcing to the installation. Consider this: Rinfret made sure that the stone slabs came from the same marble lot in Italy so that the floors and walls match perfectly.

As Rinfret noted when accepting the 2017 A-List Award for Best Bath, “Design is a labor of love and takes a team effort. I am grateful to work with incredible craftsmen. The fact that we were able to get Everest Marble and Dushi Marble slabs to the second floor without damage during the install is an impressive feat that I don’t take for granted.” Rinfret also said that “making the design experience easy and problem-free for the client is an important part of what I do.”

Functional details and quality craftsmanship aside, the real “wow” factor of this room is the stunning vignette of the freestanding tub against the hand-painted Gracie wall coverings, all outlined by sheer, flowing Zimmer & Rhode window treatments. “Re-grammed” on Instagram countless times with thousands of likes, this image elicits so much love because the design draws you in so you can envision yourself in the space.

The interplay of color, the drama of the tub’s silhouette against a magnificent back drop, framed to perfection by tall windows with billowing panels straight out of a daydream, work together to create a compelling composition.

This space delivers what we all want: A personal sanctuary (even if it’s just via your Instagram feed).

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