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Moffly Media: At Dawn

By Diane Sembrot
Provided to KLAFFS exclusively by Moffly Media
Photographs by Stacy Bass

Westport photographer Stacy Bass on her book of New England gardens at their most peaceful

Stacy Bass has developed a following since picking up the camera professionally. The original plan was law school, but she couldn’t deny that this art form was destined to be more than a side interest. Along with home interiors, Bass is known for shooting gardens in the morning, when the flowers are dewy, a mist blankets the lawn and the sunlight is just about to burst over the tree line. In short, she captures magic that is usually reserved for fairy tales.

Her work is often seen in magazines, including Westport, and this spring she releases her second, Gardens at First Light, published by athome Books, a book division of Moffly Media.

Up with the Sun:

“I am always on the road in the pitch black and aim to arrive at a location about twenty to thirty minutes before sunrise. That way I can get a sense of the scope of the gardens, plan a strategy for how to approach shooting as the light comes up, and be sure I am in the right place at the right time.”

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Working with Nature:

“You don’t have the ability to move something that is in your camera’s way. Instead, you have to be able to change your perspective to find the very best shot. I look for something to anchor the image, to overlay symmetry or some other order to the subject to make it most easily absorbed and appreciated by the viewer and, most important, I look for—and pray for—an ethereal and captivating light.”

Including Her Garden:

“I found myself much more critical during the editing process because I wanted it to be able to hold its own in extraordinary company.”

A Favorite Feature:

“The Allison Armour water orb. I love the movement, the subtle sound it makes and how it reflects not only light but also the mood and tone of each day.”


Stacy Bass
Portrait by Pamela Einarsen



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