New York Roundup, Spring 2017

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What’s Happening in New York

The InsiderAshley StarkKenner

Ashley Stark-Kenner’s grandparents, Arthur and Nadia Stark, founded their eponymous carpet and rug company in 1938, with the second generation of the family taking the helm in 1971. Growing up in the business, Stark-Kenner developed her eye for fine flooring at an early age and eventually joined her cousin Chad Stark as the creative director and senior vice president, respectively, of Stark. While she focuses on bringing fresh and modern collections to the company’s repertoire, he continues to propel the company into the forefront of technology. We sat down with Stark-Kenner to get the scoop on what’s hot in the New York design scene.

For the art-focused:

I love Benrubi Gallery in Chelsea; it has a great collection of works by LeRoy Grannis, Massimo Vitali and Matthew Pillsbury, to name a few. My dear friend Rachel Smith works there, and I’ve learned to always buy what she tells me. She begged me to buy a Vitali piece years before he became popular—I should have listened.

A timeless museum:

The Museum of Modern Art is a special place for me, as my husband and I visited it together over the years of our courtship, which started when we were only 17. We have wildly different tastes in art, and yet we can always come together to appreciate everything we see there.

Ones to watch:

I love Brooklyn-based artist Tara Donovan. I was invited to a private tour of her studio and watched as she blew chemical agents onto a piece of metal to create an etch for a print. My mother and I both own some of her artworks. I also bought two of Spencer Sweeney’s pieces a few years ago; I think he will be one of the greats someday soon.

Shopping List:

I enjoy stopping by Homenature in the Flatiron neighborhood for beach-inspired-meets-vintage goods. I ordered the Lumière chandelier by Jean de Merry from there, and I will never forget the size of the crate and how it came suspended inside. And for antique finds, Newel’s Upper East Side location is a great resource.



Katrina Hernandez and Josh Greene, the creative forces behind New York City-based design firm Hernandez Greene.


Everything on the duo’s feed is filtered through the fresh eyes of a young, burgeoning enterprise. The colors, compositions and locations featured are a true reflection of their aesthetic. Expect to find beautiful architecture, design details, art, antiques and snapshots from their travels and interiors projects.


Hernandez Greene’s Instagram philosophy is simple: “If it inspires us, we post it.” So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, this is the account for you.

In Their Words:

“We’re always paying attention to our surroundings and the design details throughout our day-to-day lives. On the street, we’re drawn to a wide range of architectural styles, anywhere from Beaux Arts to modernism. We love color, but when we’re translating all of this onto our feed, we’re drawn to shades that are a little more mellow.”


Behold the soon-to-be-built structure many are calling the Eiffel Tower of New York City. When Heatherwick Studio’s $150 million public art installation, dubbed Vessel, is complete in 2018, it will feature 154 staircases—2,400 steps in total—connected with 80 landings and rising to a height of 150 feet with 16 stories. The structure, which will be the crown jewel of Hudson Yards’ Public Square and Gardens, is designed to be one massive jungle gym, explains Thomas Heatherwick, founder and principal of Heatherwick Studio. The design, he says, was inspired by Indian stepwells, and the end result is meant to inspire people to congregate. Says Heatherwick, “The idea is that it will act as a free stage set for the city and form a new public gathering place for New Yorkers and visitors.”

Talking Shop with Andrew Corrie: Studio Canvas Home

When did you open?

We welcomed the first guests into our new SoHo store, at 426 Broome St., in May.

Describe the space.

It’s a super-cute 1,000-square-foot room, which feels very intimate and easy to shop in. We’ve incorporated our usual color palette of soft shades of white. After stripping the floor back, we found a very white dry maple wood, so we used a diluted sumi ink to make the starting point a little darker, then mixed in a wash of Hardwick White by Farrow & Ball and a dash of regular hard white paint.

Describe its vibe.

I want customers to feel at home in the showroom; I wanted to create a space that conveys energy and inspiration.

What’s on the floor?

We focus on all things related to dining and entertaining, so there’s a strong emphasis on ceramics, glassware, flatware and table linen. The merchandise is largely Canvas Home, but we also stock great designers like Pigeon ToeHawkinsApothekeStudiopatróSudarshan and Daniel Smith.

Will you be hosting events?

You bet—we love any excuse for a party! We’ll have book signings, art exhibitions or launches if we have a bunch of new products—or even if it’s summer and we haven’t seen people recently.

Check InScribners Catskill Lodge

The Hudson Valley is hot right now, and if you need yet another example of this, look no further than the recently renovated Scribner’s Catskill Lodge in Hunter. Brooklyn-based design group Studio Tack renovated the interiors of the 38-room hotel, originally built in the 1960s. The company’s vision was to create a modern space that defined the idea of urban retreating, all while giving a good tip of their hat to the rich heritage and culture of the Catskill Mountains. A grand two-story lobby and a massive skylight utilize the charm of nature and nostalgia, allowing a stream of sunlight to greet guests. An all-white palette presents clean and simple guest rooms, keeping the vibe barefoot and bohemian. Furniture pieces come from area purveyors including Brooklyn’s Fort Standard and Hudson-based Samuel Moyer Furniture, while local artists like Emily Johnston and The Catskill Kiwi crafted the wall décor. Regardless the season, this fresh take on a Catskills classic is exactly the excuse needed for a weekend upstate.

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