Tile and stone surfaces can be the most artisanal aspects of home design. They add color, texture, pattern. The stoneworker’s craft has been prized since ancient times. Now it’s enhanced by technology that allows for more varied and hard-wearing products. You might not want wood floors in the kitchen. But how about porcelain tiles you’d swear are hardwood? See the new ways tile can enhance your design project at KLAFFS.


Our Tile & Stone selection is the most extensive in the country, plus our sampling program is unmatched by any competitor. Talk to our expert advisers. With our competitive prices and access to the world’s leading tile and stone brands, KLAFFS can help turn a design idea into a beautiful “wow-factor” for your home.

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LouAnn Torres – General Manager, Tile and Stone

LouAnn Torres is at the heart of tile and stone at KLAFFS. She created its first showroom tile displays when her own company was KLAFFS’ main supplier. Acquired in 2001, it became KLAFFS’ in-house tile and stone department. LouAnn stayed on to manage. Her extensive knowledge keeps KLAFFS on trend with offerings like glass and waterjet tiles. She trains her team on tile usage and installation issues to ensure you make good decisions.

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