Show House Collection By FEISS Lighting Gallery – First of Its Kind – Opens at KLAFFS Norwalk

By KLAFFStyle Editorial Staff

Industry-Leading ‘Showroom Exclusive’ Concept Is Exciting Step in Evolution of Retail Experience

KLAFFS has partnered with FEISS in its new branded concept Show House Collection by FEISS – a 165-square-foot gallery within KLAFFS flagship Norwalk location offering “Showroom Exclusive” lighting fixtures. The new gallery is the first of its kind for FEISS and will serve as a prototype for Show House Collection spaces at its other leading retail partners around the United States.

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The idea was developed and the space designed by Ryan Higgins of the Ricci Sales Agency, the firm that represents FEISS and other lighting brands with their retailers.

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Hilo Collection

Hilo Collection
Photo Courtesy of FEISS

“The entire 2018 new product line is part of the Show House Collection by FEISS and for the whole year will be available only in retail showrooms before being released for online purchase,” said Higgins. “This represents FEISS’ commitment to its retail partners in this time of changing consumer purchase behavior, and, as important, its belief in the value of the showroom experience in lighting product selection.”

In support of that belief, FEISS invested in building out the space. According to Higgins, “KLAFFS was the ideal partner for this first gallery. We asked for a high visibility location in the showroom and KLAFFS chairman Joe Passero and lighting manager Candace Pereira made the area just as you enter the lighting department available – so our showroom-within-a-showroom is the first thing you see. In designing the space, I knew it would have to look elegant and meet Joe’s high standards.”

Candace Pereira is enthusiastic about the new addition to her department. “We’re very excited to be able to offer our customers a first opportunity to see and buy these excellent lighting products, while taking advantage of the experience of our seasoned sales consultants,” she said. “Show House Collection by FEISS has a premium look and is well priced. We’re sure that the new gallery will become a popular focal point of KLAFFS Norwalk showroom.”

To see a cross-section of showroom exclusive products from the Show House Collection by FEISS, visit KLAFFS Norwalk Showroom at 28 Washington Street, South Norwalk CT 06850. There’s ample on-site parking. To see the full line of FEISS products visit their pages on the KLAFFS online catalog.

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