A Spa Bath Transformation – From KLAFFS Kitchens

By KLAFFStyle Editorial Staff

From Cramped and Dated to Open and State-of-the Art

The bath featured here is part of a master suite renovation project. The primary objective for manager/designer Nick Geragi and the KLAFFS Kitchens design team? Upgrade the space within this 30-year-old spec house to reflect the Tudor-style home’s formal elegance and its owners’ individuality, while meeting their contemporary lifestyle needs.

In keeping with the home’s basic style, the clients, a professional husband and wife team, chose a sophisticated and timeless motif. Neutral and soothing, crisp clean lines would punctuate a classic theme of walnut furniture and Cararra marble. Beyond these key design elements, the couple was ready to stop making do with a cramped, inadequate bath space and create a sense of well-earned comfort and pampering.

There were many challenges to consider. How to design a room with a spacious feel while giving both husband and wife a personal area? Though it was actually of considerable size, the original bath was overpowered by a massive three-step tub deck. As dictated by existing fixture positions, the existing layout prohibited an optimal use of the space.

A string of vanity cabinets lined the only other walls not being used. The toilet, awkwardly positioned below a faux roof dormer, was exposed to the hallway entrance to the wife’s closet.

The couple wanted a visually open room with a feeling of luxury. In addition to having their individual spaces when they needed them, the design solution had to allow for shared spaces when they wanted them.

To achieve a solution, the designers relocated all of the plumbing fixtures. Moving parallel to the floor joists and structural elements allowed a more spacious placement of fixtures and storage to transform the space from crowded to open. The new design created a completely private toilet room.

The shower became a two-person environment, providing each of the couple his or her own set of fixtures and controls for body massage, rain heads, steam, and hand held sprays. The designers converted the shower from a basic daily activity to a lush spa experience.

The spa approach created a haven from the physical, mental and emotional rigors of busy professional lives. A ChromaTherapy/Audio unit, adjustable lighting, ventilation, a large bench, soap niches and a grab bar further enhanced the shower experience.

A free-standing air tub with a comfortable view of a television provided another relaxing distraction. Smart controls allow the multiple sconces, task and general lighting to set the mood. Being mindful of future tub accessibility, Nick’s team designed a free-standing grab bar into the plan that can be installed when and if the need arises.

To further open the room, they removed the existing skylight and trayed the ceiling up twelve inches. A second layer of crown molding defined the added volume. The entire floor was outfitted with radiant heat for added comfort. The vanity and sink heights were raised to eliminate bending. Storage features included tri-view and single swing medicine cabinets, a makeup counter for her, pull out storage for towels and toiletries, along with lighted display space for family photos, art objects or collectables. A padded bench created a comfortable spot for drying, dressing or conversation.


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