VICTORIA + ALBERT | Choosing the Perfect Tub

By Victoria + Albert, Exclusive to KLAFFS

There’s more to choosing a new bathtub than one might imagine. Many people focus on the aesthetics of the tub – how it looks – without fully considering its functional purposes – how it would feel and how they would use it. For example, do you prefer a tub that has a gentle slope or one that is more angular? Some people like to use their bathing time to relax and recline, while others may prefer to sit upright and read. What about a bath suitable for a small space, or one large enough to be shared by two? Or even a tub that can handle bath time for multiple splashing children? While a double-ended tub is more comfortable for two and avoids the “tap end” by placing plumbing fixtures in the middle, a single-ended design provides more flexibility in tap placement.

Victoria + Albert Shropshire Slipper Tub

British brand Victoria + Albert offers an extraordinary collection of baths in both modern and traditional looks to suit your lifestyle preferences and your décor. All their tubs are made from a unique composite material known as ENGLISHCAST® that is strong, naturally white and warm to the touch. It has been scientifically proven to retain heat longer than cast iron and acrylic materials – perfect for providing a long hot soak. The only hard part should be deciding on your favorite tub. Here are a few possibilities.

The award-winning Napoli bath is beautifully asymmetrical. Its low-slung profile offers easy access and has a relaxed angle of recline, allowing the bather to fully stretch out and enjoy the experience. At 75″ in length it’s an elegant centerpiece for a larger bathroom. Best for: A peaceful solo soak.

The traditional Marlborough bath makes a dramatic style statement for larger bathrooms, or even in the bedroom. The tub is based on a traditional “bateau” stlye bath with its double-ended design. The low point in the middle of the bath makes it easily accessible. Best for: bathing children, or a roomy soak for two.

The Drayton slipper bath takes inspiration from traditional Victorian design, with the addition of sleek, modern lines and beautiful rim detailing. The angle of recline is fairly upright, while a high back provides support for the head and neck. Best for: a pampering soak for one, perfect if you want to keep hair dry.

The stylish Cabrits bath is a truly unique piece that has been designed to suit all body shapes and sizes. Its unique “double dip” design features a raised section in the middle, intended to raise your legs and take pressure off the lower back. Its low step in height and cocooning shape makes it perfect for all bathers- from babies to the tallest adults. It has to be tried to believe! Best for: A relaxing soak for one, whatever your size.

Try out the range of Victoria + Albert tubs at your nearest KLAFFs showroom.

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