VICTORIA + ALBERT | Freestanding Baths Designed for Small Spaces

By Victoria + Albert, Exclusive to KLAFFS

Good interior design has always been about making the best use of your space. In today’s market, this often means being clever with compact rooms.  Growing numbers of homeowners are discovering the benefits of a less-is-more mentality when it comes to downsizing, such as lower housing costs, reduced utility bills and less cleaning and maintenance.

In a trend fueled by retiring Baby Boomers and those living in urban settings where space is at a premium, a new appreciation for smaller living quarters is influencing the way people are designing their homes and maximizing every square foot. Victoria + Albert is perfectly on trend with this movement with their collection of extraordinary tubs designed for bathrooms without room to spare.

A freestanding bath shouldn’t be a luxury for those with large spaces.  “It’s a common misconception that a freestanding bath has to take up more room than a recessed tub,” said Eric Phelps, President – Sales North America for Victoria + Albert. “It’s definitely possible to fit a luxurious freestanding bath in a compact space. And because freestanding tubs can ‘float’ away from the wall, they offer greater design flexibility, have a smaller geographic footprint and create an impression that is more airy and visually appealing.”

Victoria + Albert’s ios tub is a perfect example of a space-saving tub that exudes timeless style. Its rimless, double-ended design is both practical and beautiful, with elegant oval lines and a sleek silhouette. With dimensions of just 59” long and 31 ½” wide, the ios sophisticated tub a must-have addition for even the smallest of big-city bathrooms.

Also designed with tight spaces in mind is the Edge. Inspired by cubic design, Victoria + Albert created this classic-yet-edgy tub to make smart use of limited quarters. The generous depth of the double-ended Edge bath provides a restorative soaking experience for two, while its overall footprint consumes relatively little floor space. It measures 58-7/8” long but 31-5/8” wide.

And for those looking for a more traditional look, try the Shropshire slipper tub. The tub embodies old-world charm and features claw feet and a roll top rim. However, the tub only measures 60 1/2” x 30”. Choose from a number of different foot finishes; from classic white to Oil Rubbed Bronze or Polished Nickel to coordinate with your faucets.

The natural white finish of Victoria + Albert’s tubs are indicative of the unique ENGLISHCAST® composite, a finely ground Volcanic Limestone™ mixed with resin. This unique construction is a trademark of all Victoria + Albert tubs, as is the glossy hand-finished surface that is highly durable and easy to clean.

Designing an incredible bathroom isn’t about having room to spare. As Victoria + Albert have proven, being smart about space leaves plenty of room for both style and luxury. After all – good things can come in small packages.

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